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Dear Sir/Ma'am
I ask for your pardon if my approach is offensive as I never meant to invade your privacy through this means, and also, I believe this is the best and secure means I can pass my message across to you in clear terms. I have sent you this proposal before now; I do hope this will get you in good health. I came across your contact via scrupulous search conducted by an IT specialist whom I have employed for this reason.

I am Johnson King (Mr.) and I promote this communication in my capacity as the principal attorney of my law firm. A deceased client Henry died in 2014 and left a sum little above US$ 28 million in his account here in Unity Bank Plc. Normally banking procedure requires the bank to declare the account forfeitable and transfer the proceeds to the Registry of Unclaimed Property for government use after 8 years from the time of his death.

The present situation underscores my contacting you given that you and my deceased client share the same name and nationality. I am disposed to present you as the beneficiary and administrator of the account. It may also interest you to know that the transaction will be executed within the parameters of the law; nothing will be done outside of it. If you are not familiar with estate and probate measures, I shall promote further information to you concerning these in the future. Whereas, I am proposing a mutual sharing of the estate and a charity donation in part, we will discuss the ratios succinctly and promote them in written signed agreement before commencement.

The decision concerning charity organizations to make donations can be discussed in good faith when we meet. I wish to submit that I would expect nothing less but honesty and transparency. I will uncover further information on the matter in our following communications. If this opportunity may be of interest to you, forward your direct PHONE NUMBER for further discussion.

I look forward to having a good business relationship with you.

Kind Regards.
Johnson King .