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Beauty Secrets Newsletter
By: Jamie Anderton - Freelance Writer & Beauty Expert

Better than Lip Injections?
................................................................................ ....................
Have you ever wanted to get collagen injections? My research found an excellent pain–free option for you ladies that don`t want to spend thousands of dollars on surgery....
Dear Jamie, Have you ever heard of C`ity L`ips? One of my girlfriends uses it constantly and she swears up and down that it has really made her lips bigger after just a few short weeks. I`ve wanted to get collagen injections for years but it`s so expensive. Do you think C`ity L`ips will make my lips fuller?
Amber Davies
Newport Beach, CA

Well Amber, I personally interviewed a world renowned biochemist who developed the C`ity L`ips formula. I walked away from that interview with a new respect for modern cosmetics. C`ity L`ips convinced me that they have the most advanced Collagen Building Treatment available that is different than any other product on the market today claiming to be a "lip plumper".
C`ity L`ips uses a unique Oligopeptide Technologythat stimulates lips to increase production of their own collagen and hyaluronic acid. C`ity L`ips then adds Celadrol™ to protect the new collagen from breakdown. Celadrol™ is also a patented anti-inflammatory. How can an anti-inflammatory help plump your lips? That`s exactly what I asked! Celadrol helps retain moisture and repair damaged tissue, making your lips full and healthy. He also pointed out that other lip plumpers have harsh spices that irritate your lips and inflame them. C`SAVE THIS ARTICLE
C`ity L`ips impressed me with the shocking revelation that they have had less than a 1% return rate on their Lip Plumping Treatment! City Lips is Guaranteed to work or your Money Back.
C`ity L`ips is an International company that has customers in 70 countries. Movie stars, celebrities, doctors, and people of all walks of life use C`ity L– Jamie Anderton

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