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Hi Heli,
What a nice surprise!! I thought you had another account, but couldn`t
find it. Now we can keep in touch.
I`m glad you got to see the pics of my little Angel... I must say that
being a Mommy is by far the GREATEST thing I have EVER done in my life.
It`s just amazing how much I love Jason, and it`s a love like I`ve never
experienced before. :)
Dan is in the process of re-doing CasaDeRainer, as he had to move it to
our home network. If you`d like to check it out, go to there are some recent pictures... in
folders by date.
I`m happy to hear that you`re doing well, and back at the university. I
am really not surprised that you are studying for your PhD... I guess
that all of those hours we spent philosophizing in the Caf paid off,
I am jealous that you and Miriam will move to Madrid - what a great
city! We will definitely visit once Jason is older!!
If you have a recent picture of you and Miriam, please email it to me,
I`d love to put it on our refrigerator -- it`s covered in pictures of
our friends, and our friends` children.
If you and Miriam travel to the US, please know that you can stay with
us. Dan and I are hoping to move to a bigger house soon, (hopefully
with at least 4 bedrooms and a yard, but homes are VERY expensive here)
and we`d love to see you!!
A big kiss and a hug for both of you,
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Hi Dana,
Great to here from here. What pretty kid you have. I am jelous !!
I couldn`t answer you earlier because I had a lof of troubles ( and I
still have) with this account.
So please write me either at
I am right now again at the university making a doctor. Since there are
too less possibilities to get money Miriam and I will move to Madrid. So
I have a lot work to find a job, or a Phd, an apartment and so on....
but I am really excited !!!
Of course you guys are invited to come to visit us. So Jason will be
able to learn the original Spanish :-)
a kiss and a hug,
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