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Hi xy.Grosz,


Thank You For Calling

Revolutionary Home Mailing Program

Dear Inquirer,
Thank you for responding to our advertisement on our part-time
position "Clerical bank drafting $1,054/Wk Guaranteed! M-F 35/hr wk"
processing bank drafts. Best Home Based Business - Not M.L.M.
The enclosed information will give you the information you need about our
part-time position. If there are any additional questions you need to have
answered, please feel free to contact us at our main office and someone
will be happy to assist you. Our office hours are 11am to 5pm Monday
through Friday eastern standard time.
"If you have an interest in this position, please respond within 3 days
because positions are being filled on a first come, first serve basis"
Hurry! Don`t Delay! Offer Limited!
Main Office
Mr Gregory Bryant
Gregory Bryant & Assoc.

"New Revolutionary Home Mailing Program"
Pays you $1,054/Weekly
plus 60% commission on every sale
And never requires you to purchase Any envelopes, or
Postage Stamps Ever!...For as long as you stay in the program!
(Special ) We are pleased to announce that "Gregory Bryant & Assoc."
a reputable credit card processing firm, is looking for
a limited number of homeworkers, to help them mail their offers
out to the millions of people, who they could never possibly
reach, even if they were to work around the clock!... According
to the company, there are ordinary people, from all walks of life,
with no special skills, or previous experience, who report
earning up to $300 a day, working as " independent homeworkers."
under the expert guidance of this aggressive company!
What impressed us most is the fact that participants are NEVER
required to purchase ANY Postage Stamps, or Envelopes for as
long as they care to stay in the program!.. We were equally
impressed with the fact that this is the only mailing program we
have seen where participants get paid TWO WAYS!..... "unlike
other programs that APPEAR to be similar"...says a company
spokesman...."With our program not only will you receive $4
for every envelope you secure for us and stuff with our offers..
you will ALSO RECEIVE 60% commission on every sale generated
by your mailings! "
Participants are assured that they will NEVER mail out anything
objectionable, or pornographic...There are NO QUOTAS to meet,
and no one will be looking over your shoulder. You can work as
much or as little as YOU WANT!
It doesn`t matter where you live!.. Whether you come from a big
city, or live on a farm. Now you can earn that extra money you
need to catch up on those over due bills, or simply to enjoy a
The one thing that every participant we spoke to agreed upon
is the fact that... the step-by-step instructions supplied with
their complete home-mailing kit were "so simple that a child
could understand them!... But the best part is that you can
accomplish everything necessary for this program in as little
as one to two hours per day!.. We are pleased to say that
this is one of the EASIEST ways to IMMEDIATE PROFITS
FROM HOME that we have EVER investigated!... It is truly
the "ULTIMATE" in home-mailing programs!...
Our hats are off to "Gregory Bryant & Assoc.".....Their UNIQUE
home-mailing program is a REAL WINNER!....
If you are interested in becoming a permanent home-mailer
in this "HIGH PROFIT" PROGRAM, "Gregory Bryant & Assoc"
requires a one-time shipping & handling fee of ONLY $24.77
To receive your "FREE 30 DAY TRIAL COMPLETE
HOME-MAILING KIT,"containing everything you need to
start earning FAST PROFITS the very same day you receive
it. ... Print your name, address and telephone number
CLEARLY on a sheet of paper.. Mail it along with $24.77 in
(US funds Only totaling $24.77) to:
Gregory Bryant & Associates
10381 Shelby Creek Road N.
Jacksonville, Florida 32221
Phone (904) 695-4961
If you decide to stay in the program after
your 30 day trial. We will bill you a one time
registration fee of ONLY $24.95 for the
program! Your order will be RUSHED via
first class mail...Remember, this is the only program
we have ever seen that pays you TWO WAYS.... and
NEVER requires you to purchase ANY Postage Stamps
or Envelopes, EVER!...for as long as you stay in
in the program!... Order today!... Because once
their quota for homeworkers is reached... This
offer will be withdrawn!.....
We will refund DOUBLE your registration fee of
$24.95 after you send us your first 100 envelopes.
This is in addition to your regular rate of $4 per
envelope as well as over 60% commission on
every sale generated by your mailings! ACT NOW!
According to "Gregory Bryant & Assoc.." if you are
unhappy with their Home-mailing program in any
way.... you may return it ANYTIME within 30 DAYS
And you will receive an IMMEDIATE REFUND NO
QUESTIONS ASKED!... But supplies are limited...
to avoid disappointment ACT TODAY!
As a special bonus to readers of this column...the
first 500 homeworkers that respond to this offer will
receive a FREE BONUS GIFT worth $700 from
"Gregory Bryant & Assoc. " just for trying their program!
This $700 gift is yours to keep even if you return
their program for an IMMEDIATE REFUND....
How can you lose?... If you`ve ever thought
about making EXTRA MONEY from home....
Here`s your chance to do it!

The Most Common Questions Asked

New Revolutionary Home-Mailing Program
1. Question: What type of work am I doing for Gregory Bryant & Assoc.?

Answer: You are helping our company mail offers to
many different people who are requesting financial
information by phone. Concerning our financial
books/products and services of Government
Grants & Loans, Financial Aid, Credit Repair Services,
Home Business Offers, Business & Personal Loans,
Credit Card Processing, Checks By Phone,
Fax & Online Processing, Bank Draft Processing,
Telecommunication System, etc.
We are so overwhelmed with calls and mail requests that
we can not handle all the requests, that are coming into
our corporate headquarters at one time and we need your help.
2. Question: Do I have to Advertise?
Answer: "No", We already advertise our products and services.
There are No Books to Sell and/or services on your behalf to
generate business unless you want to make even more money.
We are receiving so many requests that we need your help to
fulfill the millions of inquiries received by phone, fax, mail & online
daily. Your duties will include answering incoming calls
(calls are optional) and stuffing envelope request for information
on our products and services. That`s It!
3. Question: How do Gregory Bryant & Assoc. know If I`ve done the work?
Answer: We have a system that codes our information.
Each time you send out information upon request our system
is notified. In addition to our normal follow up we will know
that you have mailed the information which in turn
Guarantees your weekly pay of 60% commission plus $4.
4. Question: How often will I receive work?
Answer: As much as you can handle. The more work you do
the more you get paid! The less you do the less you get paid.
It`s up to you!
Since you are new to this program and the type work our
company is offering you. You will not want to bombard
yourself with large amounts of work at one time, until such time
of knowing you can handle it.Our Information is time sensative.
However, you can expect work on a daily basis! Usually 100 to 300
envelope mail request per day or per week. Our system is notified to
increase your work by the amount of time it takes you to complete your work.
5. Question: Do Gregory Bryant & Assoc. Supply the leads, mailing list,
envelopes, literature and contact information?
Answer: "Yes", we supply you with every thing you need to send our
information to our existing clients and new customers who
are currently requesting our information daily.
6. Question: Are there any other fees that I would have to pay
once I mail in my $24.77?
Answer: "No", there are no other fees. None! Just start working
when the mail request arrives!
7. Question: How fast will I receive the program after I mail my payment?
Answer: Within 5 business days.

8. Question: When do I get Paid?
You are paid weekly according to how much information
you provide for our company.
9. Question: What am I receiving in the kit?
Answer: You will be receiving your actual work! This will be
everything you need to start working the very first day.

Now that I have answered all your questions I have a
question for you! Do you think you would be interested in
becoming a permanent homebased worker for our
company and earning an extra Guaranteed $30k to $100,000 A Year?
If you answered yes, it is best that you respond within 3 business
days because positions are being filled on a first come
first serve basis! Supplies are avoid disappointment
ACT TODAY and mail your payment!
Immediate Bonus: If you refer at least (3) people to this program
when you register. We will send you a check for $50 along with
your kit. This is money you can spend in any way you choose.
(I.E. Pay a bill, spend it on the movies. etc..) You must send in
all referrals along with your payment as well as their payment
when you register. (your referral number is 111 and your name
and address and telephone number.)
If you want to make even more money keep referring people to this
program and the checks will keep coming.
**Enclose a Money Order, CASH Or Certified Cashier`s Check
for Quicker Processing.
Your ORDER. We Do Not Accept Online Orders At This Time.]
and your order will be processed immediatley!
(optional payment method)
to: 1-270-837-6808 and your order will be processed immediatley!
Note: You do not have to mail us your check when you fax it. Just make it
payable to: Gregory Bryant & Associates, sign it and fax it! That`s it! Your account
will be automatically deducted for the amount you requested. Your order will be
processed in 24 hours.
Tape your Signed check here and fax it NOW!

Copyright 2004 all rights reserved Gregory Bryant & Assoc, Inc.

Please note that this email address cannot accept replies. Therefore, if you
have any questions or comments requarding this position, please contact us at
the phone number 1-904-695-4961.

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sent this email in error.
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U.S. Congress this letter Can Not be Considered Spam
as long as we include the way to be removed.
To be removed send an email to:
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