Kleiner Bait-Versuch meinerseits. Mal schauen, was geht.
Die email-adresse von Ihr hab ich vorerst mal rausgenommen.
Ich will ja weiter kommunikation dadrüber. Wird aber
später nachgereicht.
(blaue mails)
Mrs. Ann William (Sierre Leone/Elfenbeiküste)
Ihr Sohn
(grüne mails)
Karl Manfred Schmidt-Lustig - Senior Projekt Manager - Bienfürst Technik für Wasserschweissventile
(mit Sohn und der Absicht, in Kürze ein Haus zu kaufen)
Mr. Gerhard Schmackebatz
Mr. Florian Maria Lichtspiel
(beides Tauchkameraden aus Appelfelden-Grumbier)
sowie die Fahrerin des Unfallwagens:
Brigitte Elisabeth Schmackebatz
ein betrunkener amerikanischer Soldat
Mrs. Ann William will das Geld von Karl Manfred Schmidt-Lustig
Karl Manfred will ein Bild des Sohnes von Ann William in Schwimmflossen mit Taucherbrille
und einer Dose Heinecken Bier in der Hand.

Die erste Mail:

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Dear one,
I am Mrs Ann Williams From the Republic of Sierra Leona.I am however Writing to you from a city in Republic of Cote D`Ivoire where I have been taking refuge with my son.
My husband was assassinated recently following a political uprising in our country.before his assassination,he was the Executive Director of the government`s cocoa exporting corporation.
During My search for valuables in his private chamber,I stumbled into several documents including a deposit certificate by a company in Cote D`Ivoire.A very confidential letter attached to the certificate showed that he deposited the sum of twelve million dollars($12,000.000.00)which he declared as
<<family valuables>>.The deposit attracts a daily deposit cost of $50 dollars said to be payable on the day of delivery.
I am contacting you primarily for two reasons:
1.Pay the outstanding deposit cost to the company and take delivery of the trunk box,transfer the money to the account you are expected to provide overseas.
2.Take my son to your country and arrange for him to conclude his education which was stopped due to the circumstances beyond our control,before joining you in business.
Further details including your SHARE of the money will be discussed when you arrive here in Cote D`Ivoire or subsequent mails.
Please I appeal to you for consideration and come to our aid as we need your kind attention especially now.
Thank you and God bless.
Mrs Ann Williams.

Meine Antwort dazu am 18.5.:
<font color="#00C000">
Hello Mrs Ann Williams,
I`m very surprised that you chose me to contact. I have internet here
since only a few weeks and now getting mails from Africa. I think
internet is really a nice global invest.
Even of your problems, I hope your doing fine.
Did I really understand you? I should pay the deposit and get the
12 million dollars?
I understand that this is a really silent transfer and I will noone tell
about it. This offer from you comes really to a good time. Last week I
started to plan the buying of a house. Your offer will help me do
decide faster.
Kindly Regards,
Karl Manfred Schmidt-Lustig
Senior Projekt Manager
Bienfürst Technik für Wasserschweissventile
44789 Appelfelden-Grumbier
Heute, 26.5. kam nun die Antwort von Mrs. Ann William, abgeschickt: 23.5.
(das dauert ja ganz schön lange. Ist wunderbar, da muss man in der Antwort
doch bitten, einen anderen Mailaccount von ihr auszuprobieren. Kann ja nicht
an mir liegen. Der Scammer ist immer Schuld.

Dear Mr.Karl,
How are you today? Please kindly reply me mail massage to you regarding about our transaction i will like to hear from you as soon as you this mail from me to kown how we are going to pay for the ball deposit to the company and get the money 12 million dollars out from the company.Mr Karl, please try to help me at the stage to get this money from the company as soon as possbile.
How to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail from me.
Thank you and God bless.
Kindly Regards,
Mrs Ann William.

oha, sie duzt mich gleich. Oder irgendwas verwechselt sie mit den Vornamen.
OK, das können wir auch. Und natürlich die Erwähnung meines Sohnes.
(Ich will ja ein Bild von ihrem)
Und Karl muss auch mal Zweifel an der ehrlichkeit des Angebots machen.
Tja, da war dann noch die Frage, wieviel Geld die wollen.
Meine Antwort von heute, 26.5.:
<font color="#00C000">
Hello Mrs. Ann,
thanks for your answer. Well, we have good weather and I feel fine.
My son came from school today and told me, what he has learned today.
How are you and your son today? I hope your are doing fine, too.
I saw, you sent your answer on the 23rd of May. Unfortunately I
got your e-mail today, three days later. I hope you didn`t miss
my answer.
Do you have perhaps another mailaccount that we could use to
suppress further delaying?
Now to the import thing, our planned business.
You told me, that you have there US$ 12 millions that are on
a deposit and cannot only set free, if the daily deposit charge
is payed. Well, you didn`t told me, how big the amount is to free
your money. How can we follow up to get your money? Have you
any bank-contact?
One Note:
I heard, that there are some people in the internet who
want only to get money from others and will not deliver
any result. Please, can you show me somehow, that your
proposal is a real one?

Kindly Regards,
Karl Manfred Schmidt-Lustig
Senior Projekt Manager
Bienfürst Technik für Wasserschweissventile
44789 Appelfelden-Grumbier