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    Aus der Full-Disclosure Mailingliste:
    another phishing scram in email - with headers, i would not have reported it but this site is too stupid even for moronic users. wonder what the people who made this site were smoking when they wrote out the html pages.
    any one want corporate accounts - this site was mailed to me in connection to a 409 scram... i reported all the mails as spam to spamcop. what more should i do about this site ?
    havent checked for XSS and other kiddy stuff over there on this site. maybe the nigerian man is reading this list, please stop sending such mail
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    Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 05:54:56 -0400
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    From: "Union Finance & Security Company" <>
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    Dear Aditya,
    Thank you for your mail.
    We operate online banking. The procedures is go to and click on new account, therein you will see a form there please fill out the information and submit.

    Best Regards,
    Suzan Milford

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    Standard RE:[Phishing] Union Finance & Security Company -

    Typische Mugubank. Einige der gleichaussehenden Vorgänger wurden schon zu Tode geflashmobt.
    Wir kriegen euch alle!

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    Standard RE:[Phishing] Union Finance & Security Company -

    Ich dachte eigentlich es wäre eine der Banken die wir beim 5ten Flashmob erledigt hätten, aber Fidul hat recht, die URL ist leicht anders ;)
    Was es alles gibt, was ich nicht brauche! - Aristoteles

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