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Thema: [???] Ultimate services of First Bank of Montenegro

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    Standard [???] Ultimate services of First Bank of Montenegro

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    Hello! Welcome to First Bank of Montenegro.
    Our bank can provide ultimate services:
    - Investment accounts have up to 170% monthly interests
    - We can help with transactions in child pornography bussines and also all porno structures
    - Our offshore specialists can provide full service for cleaning laundry money from US and
    non-offshore countries
    - We don`t watch for your incoming and outcoming transfers - drug and weapon sale friendly.
    - All your private informations is SAFE. (All shemes with fraud and theft. Nobody can find you)
    Our URLs: - Our chat. You can speak directly with managers. - Main control of your account(s) - Main address of First Bank of Montenegro.
    All these domains allocated at different IPs and this is guaranty that all it will be UP without
    any downs by abusing our site.
    Our hosting - Bulk E-mail (SPAM) Friendly hosting for LOW PRICE with US
    Dieser Schrott dieser seltsamen "Bank" läuft bei mir schon zum dritten Male auf...

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    Standard RE:[???] Ultimate services of First Bank of Montenegro

    Das sieht wie einer dieser Joejobs aus. Ein unzufriedener Kunde?
    Wir kriegen euch alle!

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    Standard RE:[???] Ultimate services of First Bank of Montenegro

    Würde ich auch sagen, das mit den Kinderpornos ist doch etwas sehr dick aufgetragen. Der erwähnte BP-Hoster sieht auch nicht gerade wie ein Chinanet-Abklatsch, sondern maximal wie ein Wald- und Wiesenprovider aus.
    "Africans, we count people first while money and other material things come after." -- Ann, 419 scammer
    Spammer, go to

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