I recommend you to read this email carefully and to take it very seriously.

I have received Spam/UCE/UBE from you.

[ You may only be responsible for one of the domains mentioned or used in the
refered spam-mailing. In that case this email is only intended to inform you
of the abuse of your name and/or resources. For you to be able to take the
appropriate measures, there is a copy of the spam-mail (complete with all
headers) attached to the end of this mail. Thanks a lot. ]

I. What has to happen?

1) I have never requested any information from you.
2) I do not want to receive any more advertising emails from you.
3) I refuse to tolerate any unsolicited commercial mailings.
4) I ask you to delete all of my personal data immediately from your email-distribution-lists.
5) You are hereby forbidden to save or distribute any data about my person. Thus you will have to delete all saved data about my person from all of your systems.

II. What will happen?

1) This email and your URL will be archived for further measures.
2) We will detect the responsible person for your URL using the NIC-databases.
3) Anispam.de has been informed of this incident.
4) You have been reported to the spam-filter of spam.md-sire.net.
5) Further reports have been send via spamcop.net to your ISP and other
services you have used for your activities.

III. What might happen additionally?

1) All data detected about your identity and your illegal activities will be
published on Antispam.de and other services.
2) We will take legal actions against your activities.
3) Your ISP, the responsible NIC and all available controll instances will be informed about this incident.

IV. What might be the consequences?

It is to your interest to consult a lawyer of your choice about this.
Do not underestimate this. To keep up your activities contrary to this request
might result in the following:

1) high fines or even commitment to prison
2) disqualification from your profession
3) miscellaneous claims for damages

So far, this mail has no consequences besides those described under II.
Not complying to the actions described under I. will lead inevitably to the
consequences described under III.

kind regards,

This is the offending email complete with all headers: